dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Obama and Romney are isolated to prepare the final debate on Monday

U.S. President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney are isolated with their teams for a weekend of work where they will polish their weapons for the last debate on Monday devoted to foreign policy and national security.
Barack Obama arrived Friday night at the presidential residence at Camp David (Maryland,) with his closest advisers while his opponent, Mitt Romney, moved to Boca Raton, Florida (southeast) which will be held on Monday evening their third and final confrontation.

After their hard-fought second debate on Oct. 16 and a race tighter than ever, both candidates know that they are big for this last appointment before the presidential election on November 6.
For their part, the two Vice-Presidents of the candidates continued to plow the ground and to campaign this weekend.
After spending the night at Disney World, Vice President Joe Biden was Saturday in Orlando in the state of Florida to stimulate key volunteers before going to an election meeting in St. Augustine.
"We wanted to reach the epicenter of the epicenter," he said, thanking the activists for their work while ensuring that if the Democrats won Florida, they would keep the White House.
Having shared the stage Friday night at Daytona Beach in Florida with Mitt Romney, his running mate Paul Ryan flew to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (east), a state that seems certain to Democrats, but the Republicans have made a recent breakthrough.
Florida Republican contender for the White House ridiculed the "petty attacks" of President Obama. He replied, and the mockery of his Democratic opponent who accused him of suffering from "Romnésie" a pike against opportunism supposed Republican. The Obama camp bocarde Mr. Romney for having recently refocused after a very conservative campaign earlier this year in the Republican primary.
A little more than two weeks before the election, the two candidates are neck and neck in the polls, especially in the crucial states of Florida, Ohio (north) and Virginia (east).
Barack Obama won all three states in the 2008 presidential victory but today it is no longer acquired especially in Florida, which would favor Romney and Virginia, where they are equal. The President keeps a slight lead in Ohio, according to an average of polls established by the specialized website RealClearPolitics.
Each candidate was Saturday perfect equality to 47.1% of the vote, according to RealClearPolitics.
In the debate Monday night, Barack Obama should, in front of tens of millions of viewers, boast the success of its foreign policy: the elimination of public enemy No. 1 in the United States, Osama bin Laden, and end of the war in Iraq.
But his opponent, who intends to restore American prestige in the world after the presidency "weakened" Barack Obama should promise more firmly against the anti-American attacks worldwide and particularly in relation to Iran and its nuclear program .

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